My Commission Book


I now have slots available throughout the year for new commissions. Please click on the link below for details of placing an order or contacting me to discuss your ideas.

The Gift of a Precious Memory

I get all sorts of commissions, and I can honestly say I love each and every one I do. I am privileged to be asked to create something that has meaning behind it. A permanent reminder of a memory that immediately takes someone back there. An illustration of a poem written by a loved one, an uncle's favourite tractor even! 


I find clients are usually able to give me lots of details to include, and I can help them with that if they need it. However the one thing that seems to be the hardest comes from me asking the question, "would you like text adding to the drawing?"

There is always something that can be added to make it even more personal. A favourite phrase, a nickname, personal message, or as in the case of the drawing I did for Ann to give to her son and his girlfriend when they moved into their first home, a line from a special song of theirs. Both currently working extremely hard caring for those who need it in these difficult times. Thank you both.