The Gift of a Precious Memory

The very best thing about what I do is knowing that my work can take someone back to a moment in time or place and instantly bring back precious memories. Like Ita and Julie, who joined the Women's Royal Naval Service together in 1984 at HMS Raleigh.


Ita wanted to give her special friend something unique to thank her for her friendship and so together we created a drawing of them both, in uniform at the main gate, with a line of their favourite song and drinks in hand. 

I knew that this was going to be well received as I too have friends I joined up with in 1982 and to be given something so personal many years later would have reduced me to tears. 


That's why, when I create bespoke artwork, I do my very best to include those little details that mean so much to the recipient with the hope that each time they look at it they can't help but smile. 





Hello and welcome to my website. 

I am delighted to be able to share my artwork with you all despite the current difficult situation, and am now offering bespoke designs/commissions in digital format so that you can have them for websites, social media etc as soon as possible via email.

Prints of my Northumberland work are now available by collection or post or by visiting

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