Here are some examples of my work.

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As lovely as they are, corporate designs can sometimes blend in amongst other corporate designs. Nicola is quite cool and knows that so asked me to do something different to help her spread her sparkle far and wide.

When someone asks me to draw something special for someone else, I try to add as much as possible to make it as personal as I can. In this case a bunch of white roses, and a line of a song made it the perfect gift.

This kind of design works really well for merchandise like mugs so when I became involved with a local charity I decided to donate this to help them raise funds. The artwork combines many of the town's landmarks with a poignant message.

I'm extremely fortunate to live on the beautiful Northumberland coast and be able to draw  landmarks from around the local area. These beach huts are well known along Blyth seafront and have been bought to send all over the world to remind friends and family of home

Want something to illustrate a blog or a social media post - or an even bigger project?

let me create the artwork that will really bring your words to life.


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