Commissioned Designs

Personal Commission for a Client in Canada

I love a challenge and when I was asked to do a very special drawing as a gift for someone working as a ski instructor in Canada, I jumped at the chance to test out my landscape skills using beautiful shades of blues, greens and greys to create a cold snowy effect. 

This is one of my favourite commissions, as it developed naturally, with a little help from my client to get the details just right. 

Of course the recipient was delighted with it - just as I'd hoped they would be. 


Frameworks Building, Blyth, Northumberland.

I was asked to do this drawing of the Frameworks building for the owner Angela, as a gift for Christmas from a relative. I loved this view as it shows the whole business, including the Photography shop in Stanley Street. Of course there is now another local arts and craft shop across the road. (Where my art can be found!). Angela loves her drawing and it hangs proudly on the wall of her office.

Zuenziga Charity Calendar 2018 - Doodle characters drawn on top of photographed background of the salon.

This was a new idea I had to incorporate the actual salon rather than a drawn version. Rob the owner was thrilled with how it turned out and was able to raise money for a local charity too.

Dog and Daisy

This logo was created for the winner of an auction prize at the Operation Veteran fundraising  event in August this year.She wanted something small and simple for her merchandise tags.

I'm thrilled that this little dog helped to raise money to help forces veterans experiencing hard times.



I have been asked to do a few drawings of animals recently, particularly dogs. 

It's something I haven't done before but I like a challenge and so I agreed to draw 'Dotty' and then 'Maya'. 

It's quite difficult getting 'their look' just right, but according to Maya's Mum and Dad, I did that perfectly.


Dotty was my very first doggie doodle. I'm rather pleased by how she turned out, as were her owners. Apparently Schnauzers always have a stern look on their faces..

Grannies Poem

Sometimes you get asked to do something that challenges you more than usual. When Lindsey asked me to 'do something' with a beautiful poem written by her Grannie I felt a little daunted because it was obviously something very emotional for the family.

As I often find when doing this type of commission, I look at the photos given to me and seem to connect to the person in them. I could see the fun in her eyes and had this image of her in her garden holding the hands of children. I wrote out the poem several times so get to know it well.

When I texted the finished drawing to Lindsey for approval she said I'd reduced her to tears! I love tears..the happy memory kind very much. I feel I got the job right. Lindseys mum agreed!

Operation Veteran 

I met Jim Owens who runs this charity organisation while buying a lovely set of drawers from him at an antiques fair (he does lots of these to raise funds for veterans). I got chatting and discovered more about his work, and that he was arranging an auction evening in Augus. I offered him a commission piece to auction off, but then realised I could do even more by offering to create a unique design that he could use to promote the charity on merchandise etc.  Most of the veterans he works with served during the Falklands War and so we decided to stick to that theme. This is the finished drawing that I donated to the organisation to use as they wished.  I look forward to seeing what Jim decides to use it for.


Nurses Reunion Gift

Astrid was meeting up with two close friends who she had been at Nursing College with in 1980. She asked if I would do a drawig of the three of them infront of the building they lived in. She gave me some photos and information about her friends and also told me that in the winter they would hang their milk carton in a carrier bag from one of their windows to stop people pinching it from the fridge. Of course that had to be included to!


Thank You Gift 

I've known Angela for a while now having been on one of her fantastic Calligraphy Courses, and was delighted when she asked me to do a drawing for her Aunt and Uncle - who were in the Royal Navy Medical branch together. I loved looking at old photos of RNH Haslar in order to get the background just right, before adding a few extra's to personalise it for them.

"....Gail created a beautiful personalised piece for us and her attention to detail was seocnd to none. From asking what details we wanted including to making sure the folds in my aunties cap were drawn correctly.Needles to say it was very well recived and something they will always treasure." A.Reed 


Best of Friends


Ita asked me if I could do her a drawing as a gift for her best friend Julie who she met at HMS Raleigh when they joined up together in 1984. This was a 'special' birthday and she wanted to give her something personal. I loved that she wanted them both holding a drink and a line of their favourite song in there too. Julie was thrilled when she received it and sent me a photo of them together. 

Bezzy Oppo's 


This was a commission for a drawing of three ex Navy pals, outside the gates of the ship they all trained at - HMS Daedalus. I really enjoyed drawing this as it was the same place I did my training and so fond memories came flooding back.  Unfortunately, this place is now derelict and in the process of becoming the new Solent Airport.



Fergusons Transport Ltd


I was honoured to be asked to do this design by Fergusons Transport ( to commemmorate their 90th anniversary.


The design incorporates the oringinal wagon and depot in Bath Lane, Blyth, Northumberland and the current depot and stroage facility in Cramlington, Northumberland.

The design was created using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Zuenziga - 10th Anniversary Card


I created this drawing as a thank you gift for my hairdresser Rob and team who have looked after my hair for several years now. They also have the digital file so they can use it on other things if they choose to.


Created using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

'Our Spot'  - Commissioned as a Christmas Present for a husband


This drawing is of a church in Leicestershire with a bench infront where her now husband proposed to her several years ago.  I was given a photograph to work from and asked to personalise it for them.


Created using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

 Love Blyth 'Welcome Collection' Designs.


These designs were commissioned by the Blyth Development Trust initially for the 2016 Tall Ships Regatta to help raise funds for development of the town. Created digitally and printed on mugs and other merchandise/promotional material.

Love Blyth 'Christmas Collection' Designs


Blyth Development Trust asked me if I would produce a Christmas edition of the original 'Love Blyth' designs used for the Tall Ships Regatta in the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed adding snow and other festive activities to create a popular set of four cards that were sold in the town centre. 

Reiki Training Resource 


This design was commissioned by Lindsey Foley at to help reiki students understand the effect of being present while working with their clients. 

The same client then commissioned me to draw a series of designs to make into a video for her website.



Lindsey had a great idea for her website, but wanted a 'character' to use for it. She wanted something that would show happiness and resilience - the effects of Reiki practice. So she googled 'the happiest animal on earth'...and the top result was a 'Quokka' - a very cute animal found in Australia, that had a naturally 'smiley' face was friendly and known to be able to survive in difficult conditions...and so this is what we came up with.

Digital Design for Social Media etc


This design was for Tamara Vanlit who gave me confidence to start and develop my business in the early days through her Illumination Lounge. She asked me to do her some doodle artwork so how could I say no?

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