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Elements of Blyth's History

Although not born and bred in Blyth, I'm a Yorkylanky lass who has lived here for almost thirty years so I feel I am able to bring together key parts of this historic town to create a piece of art that shows off some of that history. I have created a few variations of this, adding other, personal features, but this is the one that I have put out for sale.

This features Blyth's beach, with colourful huts overlooking the sea and East Pier. The Quayside, where our tall ship Williams II sits when not away on voyages under the shadow of the big turbine and its smaller friends and High Light, which was at one time much closer to the water than it is now. Blyth Spartans AFC which sits in the centre of the town, and a memory of all the coal mines, now long gone.

During the wars, Blyth not only supplied coal, but housed a submarine base, HMS Elfin, and provided defences against attack from the sea on the dunes from the Battery Buildings, now a museum. Many sailors, soldiers and airmen have been born here in Blyth, and gone off to serve their country, and still do.

This isn't everything there is to see in Blyth, but it is my take on what Blyth, Northumberland means to me. I feel very privileged to live on the Northumberland Coast.

Please email me at or call 07593 073351 if you would like to buy a print of this or have a personalised print with your own message.

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