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Whatever the Occasion....Thank You!

We have all had that moment when invited to a special occasion, or want to give a meaningful gift to someone that they will cherish whenever they see it. We surf the online stores and high street looking for 'the thing' that is just perfect for them.

The last three years I have done a lot of special occasion commissions, especially weddings, birthdays, retirement, housewarming, presentation and leaving gifts. Two pieces of artwork are now onboard HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Blyth, (sadly soon to be decommissioned) presented to them by the Mayor of Blyth during visits.

I've drawn favourite tractors, a barge, ambulances, houses, ships and police stations. Last year I specialised in Covid Sofa Scenes. Whenever someone says, "I have an idea but don't know if you could do it" I get excited as I know it will be something new and fun.

The commission above for Gemma, a wedding gift for a happy couple with a lorry! You might even see it out on the road, minus balloons obviously. The main focus is the 'thing' that makes it unique to them, the characters make it personal and the little extra details, are what make it special and how I try to connect to the recipient by considering what would fill me with joy if I saw it hidden in my drawing, which is why I always ask for as many small 'quirky' details as possible when first discussing any commission.

I'd like to end by saying thank you to all my customers who have bought or commissioned my work over the last 18 months, keeping me busy during what has been an incredibly difficult time for many people. If my artwork has cheered someone up, made them smile or solved a gift finding problem then even better. Here's hoping for better days ahead and more fabulous ideas to create from my customers.

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